Non-food Plants

Even if a plant is not mentioned here, it doesn't mean it isn't toxic. Always contact your veterinarian in the event of a plant ingestion.

Alocasia Aloe Vera Amaryllis Apple Leaf Croton Arrowgrass Asparagus Fern Autumn Crocus Azalea Baby’s Breath Baneberry Bayonet Beargrass Beech Belladonna Bird of Paradise Bittersweet Black Locust Black-eyed Susan Bleeding Heart Bluebonnet Box Boxwood Branching Ivy Buckeyes Buddist Pine Burning Bush Buttercup Caladium (Elephant Ears) Calla Lily Candelabra Cactus/Crown of Thorns Castor Bean Ceriman Charming Dieffenbachia Cherry Chinaberry Chinese Evergreen Chokecherries Christmas Rose Chrysanthemum Cineria Clematis Vine Cordatum Coriaria Cornflower Cornstalk Plant Corydalis Creeping Charlie Weed Croton Cuban Laurel Cutleaf Philodendron Cycads Cyclaman Daffodil Daphne Datura Day Lily Death Camas Decentrea Delphinium Devil’s Ivy Dieffenbachia/Dumb Cane Dracaena Palm Dragon Tree Easter Lily Eggplant Elaine Elderberry Emerald Feather English Boxwood English Ivy Eucalyptus Euonymus Evergreen Ferns Fiddle-leaf fig Flax Florida Beauty Four O’Clock Foxglove Fruit Salad Plant Geranium German Ivy Giant Dumb Cane Glacier IvyGolden Chain Gladiolas Gold Dieffenbachia Gold Dust Dracaena Golden Glow Golden Pothos Gopher Purge Hahn’s Self-Branching Ivy Heartland Philodendron Hellebore Henbane Holly Honeysuckle Hops Horse Chestnuts Horsebeans Horsebrush Hurricane Plant Hyacinth Hydrangea Indian Rubber Plant Iris Iris Ivy Jack in the Pulpit Janet Craig Dracaena Japanese Show Lily Jasmine, Winter Java Beans Jerusalem Cherry Jessamine Jimson Weed Jonquil Jungle Trumpets Juniper Shrubs Kalanchoe Lacy Tree Philodendron Lantana Larkspur Laurel Lily Lily Spider Lily of the Valley Locoweed Lupine Madagascar Dragon Tree Marble Queen Marigold Marijuana Mescal Bean Mexican Breadfruit Miniature Croton Mistletoe Mock Orange Monkshood Moonseed Morning Glory Mother-in-Law Mountain Laurel Mustard Narcissus Needlepoint Ivy Nephytis Nightshade, Bittersweet/Deadly Oleander Oriental Lily Peace Lily Pencil Cactus Peony Periwinkle Flower Philodendron Pimpernel Plumosa Fern Poinciana Poinsettia Poison Hemlock Poison Ivy Poison Oak Poison Sumac Pokeweed Poppy Pothos Precatory Bean Primrose Privet Hedges (Ligustrum) Red Emerald Red Princess Red-Margined Dracaena Rhododendron Rhubarb Leaves Ribbon Plant Rosemary Pea Rubber Plant Saddle Leaf Philodendron Sago Palm Satin Pothos Schefflera Scotch Broom Silver Pothos Skunk Cabbage Snow on the Mountain Snowdrops Spotted Dumb Cane Staggerweed Star of Bethlehem Stargazer Lily String of Pearls Striped Dracaena Sweetheart Ivy Sweetpea Swiss Cheese plant Tansy Mustard Taro Vine Tiger Lily Tobacco Tropic Snow Dieffenbachia Tulip Tung Tree Virginia Creeper Vines Water Hemlock Weeping Fig Wild Call Winterberry Shrubs Wisteria Vines Yew Shrubs
Relative toxicity is based on anecdotal internet buzz and isn't meant to be taken as medical advice.